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Electric Bike | Self-Confession Of A Power Monster

Chapter One

Hello everyone, I am very glad to meet you! I have been used to calling it the number “022”. In fact, I have a different name, “Power Monster.” This is more appropriate for me because I have this ability and qualification. My talent is not born, but the evolutionary result of the technological age.


When I came to this world, I felt very happy. It turns out that I am so popular that many people want to have me. Of course, I am not the only one. Every month, it creates one after another on the assembly line. They have the same body proportion and fascinating design. To build one, the cost is not low, as many as 40 spare parts and 13 assembly processes, and finally, through testing, I can really get on the road.


With my mission and honor, I stepped on the unknown journey without hesitation, and reluctantly left my birthplace. My dear brothers and sisters, like me, were sent to unknown areas around the world. I sincerely wish them all, because they carry heavy hopes to open up the soil under another blue sky and white clouds, and the leaves are rooted. I warned myself again and again that strangeness is not terrible. The terrible thing is that you don’t even have the courage to try.


The days of wandering at sea are boring, and I am somewhat lost, and I have the urge to jump into the sea. I am very curious about the infinite unknown in the bottom of the sea. It is a pity that I can’t swim. I am just a veritable “drought duck”. For me, it is only for me to think about it in my dreams. Sometimes, I hope that I can evolve again and become an “amphibious” species that can travel both in the water and on the land.


In their mind, I am an electric snow fat bike, or an electric pedal assist bike. I personally feel it is necessary to introduce my fascinating figure. As a product of the advanced era, I am full of confidence, and this is beyond doubt. The two fat tires, 26 inches in diameter and 4 inches in width, are my proud capital. They are heavy and strong, able to adapt to any complicated road conditions, coupled with a very powerful high-power motor, no road I can not conquer. Having said that, I especially look forward to showing my superb skills in front of everyone, which is amazing. Don’t think that I have strong long legs, I don’t deserve to have a handsome body. The 6061 aluminum alloy has been made through the strict process T6 heat treatment to create a slim skeleton, which is not only strong and strong, but also very beautiful. Coupled with up to 7 complex processes of electrostatic baking finish, the combination of a bright colored body and a perfect skeleton curve has almost created a perfect me.


Chapter Two

In the dark night, with the sound of the waves, I will not sleep for a while. When the occasional bumps are more powerful, I will be a little scared. After all, for the first time in my life, I have crossed the ocean, and there are too many unknowns and changes. My compatriots and I were placed in a suitable thick cardboard box separately, and there was a vent on both sides, which did not affect the communication between us. I am in the middle of a 40-foot tall container with nearly 150 compatriots. I can hear anything at any point between them. There are happy, doubtful, depressed, mixed with all kinds of emotions, like a bag of colorful fruit candy, only know the taste while you eat it.


A: Who knows where we are going to be sent?

(A cautious and slightly questionable tone came from my right hand side)

B: I don’t know, but I especially look forward to the final destination, full of infinite reverie and curiosity.

(I don’t agree more, there’s a resonance)

C: Where do we come from, where do we go, no one knows?

D: Hey, where do you come from, I know some. We were born in a factory in Shenzhen, China called Shenzhen Xinhuanan Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. The scale of this factory is relatively large, several production lines, all incoming materials are all in line according to the process, after a few days and nights to work overtime , created one after another finished product, that is us. It’s also unexpected, I can actually know so much, maybe because I was the first to assemble, and I can observe so many details. If some of the finished products are assembled, but the test fails, the parts will be repaired or replaced. Of course, I passed it all at once.

(This is the most proud voice I have heard so far, although he just said briefly, but it is also very admirable for his careful observation)

A: So why are we made?

(He’s thoughtful, he’s trying to figure out what’s going on in the end.)



Listening to the opinions of my compatriots, I am quite touched. I clearly felt that although we came suddenly, it was also the time. The human beings of the world need us, so it takes time to create us and improve us. Under the concept of green and low carbon, promoting environmental travel will have great positive impact on the environment. High-speed development of society, industrial waste water discharge, automobile exhaust, and domestic garbage pollution are extremely detrimental to environmental maintenance and long-term survival of human beings and sustainable economic development. I believe that in the near future, my compatriots and I will walk in every corner of the world and be deeply loved by the people.


Chapter Three

The pattering rain in the sky slaps the calm sea. Occasionally, in the cabin, you can hear the pleasant beats from outside. At the same time, listen carefully and listen patiently before you can feel the sound of nature. Wonderful music. In the blink of an eye, the days of drifting on the sea are coming to an end, and the contours of the New World are looming on the distant sea level. It must be a bustling, lively and vibrant metropolis. In fact, in terms of my personal nature, I prefer a free and comfortable forest path or a wild and rugged mountain. Because you can appreciate more beautiful and unique scenery, not the dull atmosphere under reinforced concrete. I personally believe that humans will be more keen to enjoy the fresh air in the wild, especially during the pleasant holidays.


On a sunny afternoon, the ocean freighter was docked. The fate of my compatriots seems to be doomed, and without exception, they will be sold to local buyers, which is what I discovered later. Every buyer has their character, irritability, calmness, patience, carelessness, and the fate of the compatriots will be in the hands of the ultimate buyer. When I saw the day again, I actually gave a slight gratitude to my new owner. He asked me to return to the free and fresh sunshine again. Maybe I had done a lot of good things in my last generation, and I met a more reliable buyer in this life. He treated me very nuanced and considerate, and made me feel that I am not only a means of transportation, but also a collectible art.


The first real experience on the road was unforgettable. My buyer, Mr. Tom, took me out of the box in a small amount of time and assembled the disassembled accessories, such as the front wheel, handlebar and fenders. This Mr. Tom’s residence is a special villa area outside the city. The roads in the local forests are very suitable for cycling. The green mountains and green waters are especially enjoyable.


Before starting to ride, Mr. Tom carefully read the instruction and learned that there are three modes of riding, as follows:

1 non-electric mode, just rely on pedaling to ride

2 Electric power assist mode, you can adjust the power assist level, then ride on the pedal, the motor will output the corresponding power

3 pure electric mode, relying only on the throttle to ride, no pedaling required


Mr. Tom chose a mix of 2 and 3 modes, stepping on the pedals and downhill to help ride, and the uphill road doesn’t require too much effort to step on the pedals, so use the throttle to ride, which is better to comprehensive use of the electric function of electric bicycle. As for the first mode, unless it is for endurance training purpose, because the net weight of this electric bike is about 30kg, it is much heavier than the ordinary bicycle, and the non-electric mode will be more difficult to ride.


Since it was the first time to ride this electric fat tire bike, Mr. Tom made some records to help better understand the adjustment and application of power assist levels. The following is the maximum speed without load when the motor is working in different power assist levels.

PAS 1, maximum speed 20km/h

PAS 2, maximum speed 25km/h

PAS 3, maximum speed 28km/h

PAS 4, maximum speed 30km/h

PAS 5, maximum speed 33km/h

PAS 6, maximum speed 37km/h

PAS 7, maximum speed 42km / h


Chapter Four

In the blink of an eye, the harvest of autumn has passed, followed by awkward winter. Since I was bought by Mr. Tom, the days have been fascinating. My starting line is properly arranged and it is really a big family. When I was not traveling, I was placed in a room in an art gallery. A variety of novel crafts, paintings and sculptures are displayed in the exhibition hall. Of course, based on my aesthetic appreciation ability, I only have a place to praise in my heart, and there is no talent and knowledge reserve to taste and judge. In addition, Mr. Tom will regularly take me to a professional bike shop for repairs and maintenance, such as brake parts, about two to three months. Every time I go back after riding, the housekeeper will charge me. In order to fully maintain the performance and life of the battery, the housekeeper will keep my power at 20%~30%, that is, the meter shows that only one grid of power is left, and it is necessary to charge. Although I have lived a comfortable life, I don’t know how my companions are with me. I started to miss them a little.


The white snow floated quietly outside the window. This is the first time I saw snow. It felt like the white clouds in the sky were smashed and sprinkled on the ground, let the earth change its face, put on the white and innocent silver, and it was noble at once. At this moment, I can’t wait to go out and experience the riding on the snow. The combination of the 26-inch wide tire and the 1000w super-powered motor is quite exciting on the soft white snow. My household name is “Snow bike.” The only regret is that under the influence of low temperature environment, the battery life will be significantly shortened, that is, the total mileage traveled will be less than expected. Just in the interval of my imagination, Mr. Tom has changed the cold-proof sports suit and is ready to take me out. His departure today is not simply to exercise, but this rare weekend to go to see an old friend, probably about twenty or thirty kilometers from his residence. In case, the careful Mr. Tom also put a spare battery in the backpack in advance.


At the moment when Mr. Tom pushed the door open, a chill came, and he sneezed directly. After turning on the meter, he directly adjusted the gear to the maximum of 7 gears, so that driving on the snow can maintain a good power, which is unmatched by other electric bicycles. According to local traffic regulations, the power of electric bicycles can’t exceed 250w. Obviously, my configuration does not comply with local regulations, but the smart Mr. Tom obviously does not care about this. After all, it is a suburb, and the control is relatively loose. When my big wide tires really travelled on the snow, it gave me a sense of excitement and pleasure. Although the surrounding air is unusually cold, the soft snow makes me very comfortable. The small stones, small fragments and uneven pits have been buried in the thick snow. Of course, there are security risks on the thick snow, and Mr. Tom, who is very familiar with this area, can avoid some bad road conditions.


Can Mr. Tom successfully reach his old friend’s house?


Chapter Five

According to the optimal method of travel, Mr. Tom does not need to be so tossed, go to the home of Mr. Jack, an old friend. It takes only about 20 minutes to drive a car. Moreover, the outdoor is still snowing, and the outdoor temperature is extremely low. If he is not properly protected, it may cause cold and hurt the body. For a moment of excitement and long-term exercise habit, Mr. Tom, who likes to pursue excitement and challenges, insisted on riding out. This is not a long ride. According to my current maximum speed of 30km/h, it takes about 1 hour. Of course, there will be some inclined roads uphill and downhill, and it is impossible to maintain a uniform speed. If it is really a flat and straight road, I guess Mr. Tom will not choose to go out by riding electric bike, because that is too boring.


The world of silver is like a white planet in a fairy tale, so dreamy and beautiful. At this moment, I don’t feel the pressure of the cold on me. I enjoy the fun and the hard-won pleasure. Although the snow outside is quite big, there are still many people going out to play. Some are walking dogs, some are walking, some are making snowmen in front of their own homes, and some even skiing on the hills. Along the way, I also met some partners who are very similar to me. They has both front and rear wheel. People can sit on them and use the throttle to go. Some obviously do not consume electricity, but add gasoline, because he has an exhaust pipe at the tail, and gas comes out from time to time. Compared with their speed, I am far behind them. After all, I am an electric assist bicycle that is used for transportation, not a locomotive on the road. I really want to say hello to them, but it is a pity that I am too hasty to say anything. So far, I have not seen one of my companions. Maybe this place is a bit remote, I hope they are doing very well.


The heavy snow didn’t last long. When I walked halfway, it was getting smaller. My own configuration is a strong mountain tire with a strong grip. It still goes uphill strongly on the thick snow, but there is not much advantage in speed. There are no end in the rolling hills and roads. Occasionally, I will see some fast-moving animals. Those who should be wolves, I later learned the name. With my instincts, I will meet my companions soon. After all, I am riding on this road, and the rate of return is still quite high. No matter in the design or in the visual experience, it is relatively fresh and fashionable, especially in the setting of the snow scene, which can reflect my own uniqueness and rareness.


Seeing that Mr. Jack’s home is coming, it is also a villa area where the rich live. This is my first time at Mr. Jack’s home. Maybe he will ask Mr. Tom about my origins. This is indeed the case. Mr. Jack also wants to buy an electric bicycle. He has similar hobbies with Mr. Tom and likes to go out for cycling and sports. I think that there will be a companion in the future, and there is a kind of happiness and expectation in my heart.


To be continued, stay tuned…


self confession of a power monster 2


Leave a few questions for you to think about:

  1. How to describe the motor?
    1000w brushless fat tire bike designated motor
  2. How long does an electric bike battery last?
    about 1.5 to 2 hours, if only pedal assist mode, more longer.
    about battery life span, normally it has 1000 charge cycles.
  3. Is riding an electric bike good exercise?
    of course, it can save more energy and have fun.
    more opinions, see this website
  4. What’s the best electric bicycle?
    no best but better, generally, most people will prefer to search the coolest and most affordable, the lightest, and the longest distance
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to throttle something (something, such as an engine) —usually used with back or down


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