RICHBIT’s main factory is a professional assembled electric bicycle factory with many years of experience. All purchased materials are strictly controlled and supervised by technicians. The integrated production process of assembly and testing is very mature. The R&D team and sales team with many years of professional experience not only guarantee the high quality export of products, but also provide comprehensive services for customers.

How was a RICHBIT electric bicycle born?

Please see the assembly process steps below.

A standard electric bicycle

25 basic components such as the frame, tire and seat And 10 electrical components such as motor, controller and LCD instrument.

1. Rim preparation

2. Pressing bowl

3. Front fork installation

4. Front wheel installation

5. Center shaft, sprocket, crank mounting

6. Rear wheel, chain installation

7. Handlebar installation

8. Controller installation wiring

9. Wire harness management

10. Battery installation

11. Saddle, rear reflector installation

12. Brake system assembly

13. Decals, packaging

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