should the bicycle brake levers right hand for front or left hand for rear

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Braking refers to the act of stopping or reducing the speed of a running locomotive, vehicle, and other means of transport or machinery. The general principle of braking is to fix a wheel or disc on the high-speed shaft of the machine, and install the corresponding brake shoes, belt or disc on the base to generate braking torque under the action of external force. The brake device is also a mechanical brake device that can slow down the speed of the vehicle, also known as a reducer. Commonly used are bicycle brakes, which are decelerated by a lever brake or a disc brake fixed to the frame.


Regarding the position of the brake lever, it is “left front right rear” or “left rear right front”. Different regions and countries have different usage habits. In China, there are clear national standards. Each bicycle should be equipped with two brake systems, one for the front wheel and one for the rear wheel. The front brake is on the right and the rear brake is on the left. Most European countries such as Spain, Germany, and France are used to “left front and rear right”, and a few countries such as the United Kingdom are still “left rear and right front”. In fact, “left front right rear” or “left rear right front”, there is not fixed requirements, it depends on personal habits and adjustments.


If there is no special requirement for the electric bicycle exported from our factory, basically the brakes are installed according to the “left rear right front”. Because most people are used to the right hand. But do you know? The right brain is controlled by the left side, and most of the human motor nerves are in the right brain. The left-hand brake lever is designed to cater to the brain’s thinking.


Whatever you do, I recommend being consistent. During a panic stop, your instincts will take over, and if you are used to pulling on one lever, you’ll find that if the brakes are reversed, you are skidding the rear wheel without slowing down significantly. Several of my friends use the “right – front” approach, and when I ride their bikes, I constantly have to remind myself of the reversed brake levers – and hope that I won’t have to stop in a hurry. (This paragraph is excerpted from Bicycle Quarterly‘s “Brake Special” (BQ 26; above).)
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Other tips about bicycle brake

1 How many types of bicycle brake do you know?

There are three main types: rim brakes, disc brakes, and drum brakes. Rim brakes are often used on road bikes, disc brakes are oftern used on mountain bikes.

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2 Do you know any new types of bicycle brake?

Now there is a new type of bicycle brake, it comes with battery-free lighting. This technology is mature, not only bring convenience, but also enhance safety.