rihc bit recommend 5 movies about cycling

RIHC BIT | Recommend 5 Best Movies About Cycling

Since falling in love with riding, whether everything in your life will subconsciously have something to do with the bicycle. If you eat, you will pay attention to controlling the heat, so that you don’t get fat and climb too tired. If you buy clothes or pants, you will think about whether suitable for Cycling. Buying sunglasses, in addition to the usual wear will also think about whether the bicycle can be used, but also bought a bunch of bicycle-related books and magazines, training methods, biography, as well as photography, the most important thing is to go to watch movies, Which of the following five bicycle-related cycling movies have you seen?


1 Mountain Bike Downhill Movie “Where The Trail Ends” (2012)

The film is also given other names: at the end of the road / at the end of the forest road, This is another pleasing and thrilling movie of Extreme Cycling, telling the world’s top free mountain cyclists, challenging all kinds of steep terrain around the world. Challenge your own limits and the stories of nature.


2 Mountain Bike Tour “Life Cycles” (2010)

The film was shot using a 4K super-high-definition camera, recording the entire process of mountain bikes from creation to disappearance, capturing the unique charm of mountain bikes with a tension-filled lens. Many of the world’s top cycling athletes also participated in the filming.


3 Super Express “Premium Rush” (2012)

The film focuses on a courier story in New York. A young woman living in Manhattan gave a bicycle messenger a letter asking him to send the letter to Chinatown in 90 minutes. When the messenger discovered the secrets in the envelope, he played a race against time in Manhattan, accompanied by a series of flashbacks, the police’s motives, the truth of this life and death bet gradually unveiled.


4 Mountain Bike Riding Movie *ROAM* – The Collective (2006)

This film is the second part of The Collective trilogy, released in 2006. Cycling, beautiful scenery, what else is there? Roam can do more than that. This film crew enters the North African country of Morocco. The rare exotic scenery in the mountain bike film is refreshing, and the mountain bike players bravely and frantically insist on their own. And the story of mountain biker’s bravery and madly sticking to their dreams.


5 The track bike movie “The Flying Scotsman” (2007)

This is an inspirational bicycle movie based on the real story of the Scottish bicycle champion Graeme Obree, which is about the track bike, through which you can get a full picture of the track bike. In 1993, he broke the world record for the cycling one-hour international competition as an amateur cycling enthusiast. The most amazing thing is that his “bike” also represents a very revolutionary innovation – assembled from the parts of a dilapidated washing machine.


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