self confession of a power monster

Self-Confession Of A Power Monster II

In the dark night, with the sound of the waves, I will not sleep for a while. When the occasional bumps are more powerful, I will be a little scared. After all, for the first time in my life, I have crossed the ocean, and there are too many unknowns and changes. My compatriots and I were placed in a suitable thick cardboard box separately, and there was a vent on both sides, which did not affect the communication between us. I am in the middle of a 40-foot tall container with nearly 150 compatriots. I can hear anything at any point between them. There are happy, doubtful, depressed, mixed with all kinds of emotions, like a bag of colorful fruit candy, only know the taste while you eat it.


A: Who knows where we are going to be sent?

(A cautious and slightly questionable tone came from my right hand side)

B: I don’t know, but I especially look forward to the final destination, full of infinite reverie and curiosity.

(I don’t agree more, there’s a resonance)

C: Where do we come from, where do we go, no one knows?

D: Hey, where do you come from, I know some. We were born in a factory in Shenzhen, China called Shenzhen Xinhuanan Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. The scale of this factory is relatively large, several production lines, all incoming materials are all in line according to the process, after a few days and nights to work overtime , created one after another finished product, that is us. It’s also unexpected, I can actually know so much, maybe because I was the first to assemble, and I can observe so many details. If some of the finished products are assembled, but the test fails, the parts will be repaired or replaced. Of course, I passed it all at once.

(This is the most proud voice I have heard so far, although he just said briefly, but it is also very admirable for his careful observation)

A: So why are we made?

(He’s thoughtful, he’s trying to figure out what’s going on in the end.)



Listening to the opinions of my compatriots, I am quite touched. I clearly felt that although we came suddenly, it was also the time. The human beings of the world need us, so it takes time to create us and improve us. Under the concept of green and low carbon, promoting environmental travel will have great positive impact on the environment. High-speed development of society, industrial waste water discharge, automobile exhaust, and domestic garbage pollution are extremely detrimental to environmental maintenance and long-term survival of human beings and sustainable economic development. I believe that in the near future, my compatriots and I will walk in every corner of the world and be deeply loved by the people.


To be continued, stay tuned…

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