self confession of a power monster 4

Self-Confession Of A Power Monster III

The pattering rain in the sky slaps the calm sea. Occasionally, in the cabin, you can hear the pleasant beats from outside. At the same time, listen carefully and listen patiently before you can feel the sound of nature. Wonderful music. In the blink of an eye, the days of drifting on the sea are coming to an end, and the contours of the New World are looming on the distant sea level. It must be a bustling, lively and vibrant metropolis. In fact, in terms of my personal nature, I prefer a free and comfortable forest path or a wild and rugged mountain. Because you can appreciate more beautiful and unique scenery, not the dull atmosphere under reinforced concrete. I personally believe that humans will be more keen to enjoy the fresh air in the wild, especially during the pleasant holidays.


On a sunny afternoon, the ocean freighter was docked. The fate of my compatriots seems to be doomed, and without exception, they will be sold to local buyers, which is what I discovered later. Every buyer has their character, irritability, calmness, patience, carelessness, and the fate of the compatriots will be in the hands of the ultimate buyer. When I saw the day again, I actually gave a slight gratitude to my new owner. He asked me to return to the free and fresh sunshine again. Maybe I had done a lot of good things in my last generation, and I met a more reliable buyer in this life. He treated me very nuanced and considerate, and made me feel that I am not only a means of transportation, but also a collectible art.


The first real experience on the road was unforgettable. My buyer, Mr. Tom, took me out of the box in a small amount of time and assembled the disassembled accessories, such as the front wheel, handlebar and fenders. This Mr. Tom’s residence is a special villa area outside the city. The roads in the local forests are very suitable for cycling. The green mountains and green waters are especially enjoyable.


Before starting to ride, Mr. Tom carefully read the instruction and learned that there are three modes of riding, as follows:

1 non-electric mode, just rely on pedaling to ride

2 Electric power assist mode, you can adjust the power assist level, then ride on the pedal, the motor will output the corresponding power

3 pure electric mode, relying only on the throttle to ride, no pedaling required


Mr. Tom chose a mix of 2 and 3 modes, stepping on the pedals and downhill to help ride, and the uphill road doesn’t require too much effort to step on the pedals, so use the throttle to ride, which is better to comprehensive use of the electric function of electric bicycle. As for the first mode, unless it is for endurance training purpose, because the net weight of this electric bike is about 30kg, it is much heavier than the ordinary bicycle, and the non-electric mode will be more difficult to ride.


Since it was the first time to ride this electric fat tire bike, Mr. Tom made some records to help better understand the adjustment and application of power assist levels. The following is the maximum speed without load when the motor is working in different power assist levels.

PAS 1, maximum speed 20km/h

PAS 2, maximum speed 25km/h

PAS 3, maximum speed 28km/h

PAS 4, maximum speed 30km/h

PAS 5, maximum speed 33km/h

PAS 6, maximum speed 37km/h

PAS 7, maximum speed 42km / h


To be continued, stay tuned…